About Us Kavita Groups

Kavita Groups introduces itself as one of the leading names in the real estate sector of NCR.

We, “kavita Realtech Pvt. Ltd.”, are a India based Real Estate Developers. The real estate services we offer are property. We are acknowledged among the customers for our reliability, timeliness and low pricing. Being a client – centric real estate firm, we make every possible effort to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers. For rendering with the customers to comprehend their exact demands and strive hard to fulfil the same.

We are sister firm of KAVITA GROUPS,

  • Kavita Realtech Pvt. Ltd is 12 Yrs Old Company.
  • Product – Deals only in Plots
  • Kavita realtech is a real estate company that is capable of delivering just about any service in the domain of real estate - we can do that because we possess the capability.
    As a real estate consultant, promoter and one stop shop Kavita Groups leverages its long term real estate relationships to offer properties and real estate options at a price and quality that few others can boast of. Our strategic ties help us bring in the best deals for you both in terms of investment potential, and the choicest of the locales.

    If it’s a purchase we have the early bird advantage, if it’s a relocation we know the right spots and we understand your requirement, if it’s a sale we know the market trend on the tip of our fingers so will offer you what’s best - if its anything else we are there to talk with you to plan strategies for you. Typically we do, sale, purchase, relocation, rent and consultancy but as open as we are to new things we would take up any challenge within the real estate ambit.
    Kavita Realtech enjoys an ‘Absolute Transparency and Fair Dealing’ reputation amongst its customers and partners alike and happens to be one of the few bonfire licensed real estate agents in India.

    Be a Smart Investor – Start Young

    You have moved out of college and have just landed up with a job …. Or are already a few years into working life. So when is the right time to start investing?

    Its NOW!!! YOUR advantage is TIME.

    So start early with whatever you can afford. It make life much easier later. If you invest a little each month starting now, you won’t have to invest as much as you would if you were to wait another 10 or 20 years to get going.
    Real Estate investing is the business to try when you are starting out in the investing world.

    Real Estate guarantees:-

  • Safety of Investment
  • High Growth Potential
  • Low Risk factor vis-à-vis Stocks, Mutual Funds etc
  • Higher Assured Returns.